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Dodał: Ishimura
21.01.2021 10:30
Kategoria: Akcja

Rozmiar: 2.03 GB
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Year of release: January 15, 2021
Genre: Action / Arcade / Licenses
Developer: 7Levels
Publisher: 7Levels Publication
type: Scene release from CODEX
Interface language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese + Russifier
Voice language: English
Tablet: CODEX

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows 7 and higher (x64)
Processor: Intel Core i3-6006U
Video card: Intel? HD Graphics 520
Free space on hard disk: 3.2 GB

Meet Cave He is the elder of his tribe, or rather, he was until now. Today, driven out by his own people, he accidentally finds a jetpack This cunning and unknown device turns him into the first (and only) primitive man capable of withstanding the "invader from outer space" - a very unpleasant character who came from heaven, who will readily cause a volcanic eruption on people's heads, just to repair his spaceship. From this moment, Cave's adventure begins, in which he can save his island and regain the trust of the tribe.

Jetpack Platformer It won't be easy for the awkward caveman, but try your best
36 colorful levels. Roam through amazing landscapes filled with danger and mystery.
30 types of enemies. Fight prehistoric beasts and bosses using your trusty bone club. Hover over traps, smash rocky walls and defeat the most terrifying enemies with your ever-improving skills.
Challenge yourself in ARCADE MODE. Try a thrilling arcade experience where you have a limited life and a checkpoint no longer replenishes your health. Plus, extra lives can only be bought between levels, so if you lose all of them it means it's game over. It's hard but fair.
Find collectibles and upgrade your outfit. Go back to the time when shells were the only currency and collect as many of them as possible to increase your power.
Enjoy the extraordinary stone-fantastic setting. Whether you are ready for it or not, the fate of your island now depends on you. So put on your jet gadget and start your adventure in a world where Stone Age and science fiction collide.
Collect various achievements. Some of them may seem strange, but they are all funny

Game version: 1.0


Mount the image with any emulator program.
Install the game by running Setup.exe . In the installer, do not forget about the checkbox for automatic tablet installation ("Copy content of CODEX ...") or then manually copy the contents of the CODEX folder from the image to the game folder.
Play. The officially available language is changed in the "JetKaveAdventure_Data Plugins steam_emu.ini" file.
If desired, install the enclosed crack from REDteam, it will replace the English localization
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Napisano: 05.03.2021 17:25
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