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Torrent: TechnoRiverStudio Professional 7.08 Build 7.0.1677 [ENG] [Serial]

TechnoRiverStudio Professional 7.08 Build 7.0.1677 [ENG] [Serial] torrent
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21.09.2011 09:42
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TechnoRiverStudio to przodujące oprogramowanie do tworzenia etykiet i kodów kreskowych. Aplikacja posiada wiele funkcji, jednakże jest niezwykle prosta w użyciu.

- wszechstronne wsparcie dla bazy danych
- potężne możliwości projektowania
- elastyczną ingerencję baz danych
- wsparcie dla nowoczesnych kodów kreskowych
- intuicyjny interfejs użytkownika



TechnoRiverStudio is an industry-leading label design / barcode software that supports modern barcodes. It includes the GS1-DataBar, expected to be the next major barcode symbology used on many trade items. TechnoRiverStudio is feature rich and yet extremely easy to use. It has comprehensive database support, powerful design capabilities, flexible database integration, extensive barcode support and a highly intuitive user interface. The software also implements multi-language labels, allowing different languages to be entered on the same layout and enables users to design labels targeted for the international market.

Edition Comparison:

TechnoRiverStudio reads data from most database systems such as Microsoft Access, MySQL, Oracle, Excel and delimited text files. It also fully supports standard Microsoft ODBC and OLE-DB compliant data sources.

Integration with existing software infrastructure is easy. TechnoRiverStudio includes enterprise features for scanning a directory or mailbox. Any clients (including mobile devices) connected to the network can communicate with TechnoRiverStudio by sending print requests to the directory or mailbox.

TechnoRiverStudio offers a huge (one of the industry largest!) and expandable Label Stock database. The Stock database stores all the dimensions, regions and cutouts of the different labels. This greatly simplifies the task of designing labels as user can choose an existing template to get started with.

TechnoRiverStudio can also be used as a CD/DVD label software. It can create beautiful and professional looking CD Jewel Case Inserts, front and rear covers and side spines quickly and easily.

TechnoRiverStudio supports all the industry widely used 1D and 2D barcodes. In addition to common barcodes, TechnoRiverStudio supports modern ones like GS1-DataBar, GS1-128, 13 digit-ISMN, ISBN13, HIBC, Circular I2OF5, PDF417, Datamatrix and QRCode with Kanji. TechnoRiverStudio also offers powerful barcode helper user interfaces to allow flexiblity and ease of use for configuring the barcodes.

The truly unique "One Touch" Bar Codes toolbox gives you instant access to an extensive set of bar code components. Simply drag and drop the type of bar code required and customize as desired.

The label design view provides you with a high precision view of your label. There is also a Print Preview mode that shows you how your labels integrates with external datasources. And this comes with an extensive set of options for printing like specifying the start position, reverse printing order, label quantity and the number of records in the database.

You have total control of your label's appearance, including bar codes, FIM bars, text, graphics, logos, rich text and shapes. Or import pictures from your scanner using SmartCodeStudio.


Design Features
• True WYSIWYG editor
• "One-Touch" drag drop User Interface
• High Precision On-Screen Display
• Full color editor
• Advance Print Preview
• Multiple Document Interface
• Full color editor
• Multiple Objects Selection
• Automatic Objects Alignment
• Objects Grouping
• Grid Options
• Snap to Grid
• Undo/Redo
• Concurrent Object Properties update
• Graphics import in different formats
• Metric and US Measurement Systems
• Label Password Protection

• Full Text Options
• Autofit Text
• Autowrap Fitting Text
• Automatic Stretchable Text
• Circular Text
• Border Text
• Rotation
• Wrapping
• Rich Text Support
• White on Black Text
• Print-time Data Prompt
• Date/Time specification
• Paragraph Support
• Linked Field Text
• Database integration
• Currency Text
• Number To Words Conversion
• MICR Text Object
• OCR Text Object

• Vector Graphics
• Clip art
• Image rotation
• Image aspect preservation
• Print-time Data Prompt
• Image Filters
• Acquired image editing - crop, flip, rotate

Design Objects
• Rectangle
• Round Rectangle
• Ellipse
• Line
• Rounded rectangle corners
• Border Specification
• Corner Roundness Specification
• Border Thickness Specification
• Transparency
• Rotation
• Gradient
• Gradient Ratio
• Pattern filling (Over 50 types)
• "One-Touch" quick drop of objects
• RFID Logos

Database Support
• Microsoft Access and Excel
• Microsoft SQL Server
• ASCII Text Files (.csv, .txt and .tab)
• dBase
• FoxPro
• ODBC DataSource File/Name
• MySql
• PostgreSQL
• Interbase
• Informix
• Sybase
• DB2
• Paradox
• Oracle
• Standalone database
• Integrated database editor
• Networking and data sharing support
• Concurrent Multiple Database support
• User Credentials
• Text File Schema Specification
• One Touch Database
• Create Database
• Database Fields Editor
• Apply Functions to DB data

Filter and Sort Records
• Flexible and powerful records selection
• Select multiple records for printing
• Specify range of records for printing
• Custom SQL for records selection
• Records sorting with multiple ordering
• Records filtering with multiple criteria

Barcode Support
• Industry standard adherence
• Precise bar width specification
• Stretchable Bar Width specification
• Database integration barcodes
• Advanced Serialization
• Sequentially Numbered Bar Codes
• Print-time Data Prompt
• Start/Stop character specification
• Human readable text options
• Human readable Text Effects
• OCR Human Readable Text - New
• Automatic Check Digit
• Wide-to-narrow bar specification
• Fixed Data Source
• Linked Field Barcode
• Variable Data Source - database and counter
• Readable Text Formatting

Linked Field Functions
• LeftPad
• RightPad
• Length
• UpperCase
• LowerCase
• Trim
• Left
• Right
• Mid
• Round
• Prepend FNC1
• Append FNC1

Counter and Serialization
• Serialized text and barcode objects
• Numeric and alpha-numeric counters
• Decimal and base number systems
• Prefix and suffix options
• Start and Step Options
• Padding options
• Custom Pad
• Start Value from Prompt File
• Minimum and Maximum specification
• Sampling illustration

RFID support
• RAW EPC 64/96
• SGTIN 64/96
• SSCC 64/96
• SGLN 64/96
• GRAI 64/96
• GIAI 64/96
• DOD/UID 64/96
• GID 96
• ISO 15693

FIM Bars

Barcode Supported (Linear)
• CODE128 (Auto)
• CODE128 (A, B, C)
• CODE39
• CODE93
• EAN13 (with extension support)
• EAN8 (with extension support)
• HIBC (Health Care Industry)
• I2OF5
• Circular I2OF5
• GS1 DataBar
• GS1 DataBar Expanded
• GS1 DataBar Limited
• GS1 DataBar Stacked
• GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional
• GS1 DataBar Truncated
• GS1-128
• ISBN (with extension support)
• ISBN13 (with 979 support)
• ISSN (with extension support)
• ITF14
• Australian 4-State
• Royal Mail
• RSS14
• RSS14 Limited
• RSS14 Stacked
• RSS14 Stacked Omnidirectional
• RSS14 Truncated
• S2OF5
• UCCEAN128 (Full AI Wizard support)
• Multipart UCCEAN128
• UPCA (with extension support)
• UPCE (with extension support)
• UPC Extension 2
• UPC Extension 5

Barcode Supported (2D)
• PDF417 (including Truncation, ECC Level, Data Columns specification support)
• Data Matrix (including Square and Rectangular Type Specification)
• QR Code (with Kanji support)
• Micro QR Code
• Micro PDF417

Predefined Label Stock
• Huge database of industry templates
• Labels
• Paper
• Card
• Name Badges
• Envelopes
• Templates Customization
• Templates Management
• Label Background/Regions
• User Database
• Advanced Templates Search

Image Acquisition
• Digital camera support
• Webcam support
• Scanner support
• TWAIN compatible device
• Image file
• Cropping
• Barcodes
• Photographs
• Signatures

Image Editor
• Insert images from camera, scanner, database or disks
• Preserve Image Aspect Ratio
• Crop and rotate images
• Prompt for image path
• Horizontal and Vertical Flipping of images
• Save edited images to disk or database

Print Manager
• Integrated Print Preview
• Print document design in one easy step
• Printing Order and Position
• Reverse Printing Order
• Specify number of labels (including database field)
• Identical Copies options
• Select pages for print
• Destination printer selection
• Paper source selection
• Start Position specification
• Automatic paper detection
• Specify print method
• Apply calibration
• Label Crop Marks
• Mail Merging
• Interrupt or cancel print job
• True Windows Drivers
• Local and Network Printer Support

Automation (Command Line)
• Print specific labels to a printer or to a printer compliant PRN file
• Specify number of labels to print
• Specify the Start position of label within page
• Shift the printout horizontally or vertically
• Specify the Printing order
• Specification of Cropmarks
• Specification of SQL (Structured Query Languages) to select the records to be printed

• Design of Templates
• Template and Data separation
• Directory scanning of Data Files
• Email scanning of Data Files
• Platform Independent Integration
• Printer Number Integration

Printer Support
• Autonics • Argox • Avery Dennison
• Blazeprint • Brady • Cab • Canon
• C. Itoh • Century • Citizen • Cognitive
• Compuprint • Comtec • Datamax
• Datasouth • EdiGuard • Eltron • EPC
• Epson • Etimark • ETISYS • Facit
• Fargo • Genicom • Godex • Hewlett-Packard • IBM • Intermec • Italora
• Lapis • Lexmark • Magicard • Markem
• Markpoint • Meto • Monarch • MPH
• Novexx • Okabe • Okidata • Panasonic • Paxar • Persona • Pitney Bowes
• Pressiza • Printronix • Quick Label
• SATO • System Wave • Datasouth
• TEC • Tektronix • Texas Instruments
• Tharo • UBI • Ultra • Unimark
• VIPColor • Xerox • Zebra

International Languages Support
• English
• French
• German
• Italian
• Simplified Chinese
• Traditional Chinese
• Japanese
• Korean
• Thai
• Malay
• Vietnamese
• Greek
• Baltic
• Latin
• Cyrillic
• Turkish
• Portuguese
• Arabic
• Hebrew
• Nordic
• Icelandic


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system operacyjny: Windows


Aktywacja: zakładka Help -> Register TechnoRiverStudio -> wklej dane z pliku serial.txt -> kliknij na OK -> OK

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