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Torrent: Birds Of Prey - Sulfur And Semen (2008) [mp3@vbr] [Death-Sludge Metal]

Birds Of Prey - Sulfur And Semen (2008) [mp3@vbr] [Death-Sludge Metal] torrent
Dodał: gorilla
01.08.2011 17:11
Kategoria: Metal

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Birds Of Prey – Sulfur And Semen (2008)

Origin:United States (Richmond, Virginia)
Genre(s): Death / Sludge Metal
Release: January 28th, 2008
Label: Relapse Records
Quality: mp3@236kbps avg

Birds of Prey is a band I have never had any exposure to prior to this week. However, I can say that I will be listening to what these boys put out from now on. Hailing from Virginia, Birds of Prey features a virtual who’s who of Southern stalwarts consisting of Erik Larson (Alabama Thunderpussy), Bo Leslie (The Last Van Zant), Summer Welch (Baroness), Ben Hogg (Beaten Back to Pure) and Dave Witte (Municipal Waste, Discordance Axis, Burnt by the Sun).

Birds of Prey and their 2008 album Sulfur & Semen is an album that, from beginning to end, represents an abrasive amalgamation between stoner metal and hardcore, and what a combination it is. The stoner rock of Alabama Thunderpussy is totally apparent and really sustains the band’s integrity and originality. The brutality and overall “headbangable-ness” can be completely attributed to the raw hardcore riffs and vocals in every song. The combination of Southern swagger and Earth shuttering bass guitar and drums makes for an album that is not just fun, but a completely in depth experience.

I have been waiting for a break out album this year, and I really believe this to be the first amazing album I have heard. My next step is to see these guys live because if they are able to rock as hard as they do on a piece of circular plastic, they sure as hell will be able to destroy my eardrums in the most pleasurable of ways. Birds of Prey shall be blaring through my headphones until I can find a suitable replacement, which I doubt will come along anytime soon.


01. Bleed, Blister or Cum 03:52
02. Show Him The Ground 01:24
03. Mentoring The Mongoloids (Return To The Attic) 04:32
04. Turning Big Rocks Into Little Rocks 05:34
05. Murder The Homeless / Burn The Upper Class 04:29
06. Where Black Lungs Don't Breathe 04:43
07. Lice Halo 03:29
08. Satisfy The .45 02:45
09. To My Victims' Families 02:42
10. Overfucked And Underage 05:00
11. Liquor Blisters 03:16

Totakl playing time: 41:46

Current Line-up:

Ben Hogg : Vocals (Beaten Back to Pure, Hour of 13, Lunch, Plague the Suffering, ex-King Travolta, ex-Mugwart)
Erik Larson : Guitars (Axehandle, Erik Larson, Hail!Hornet, Might Could, Parasytic, The Mighty Nimbus, ex-Alabama Thunderpussy, ex-Kilara, ex-Morne, ex-King Travolta)
Bo Leslie : Guitars (ex-Throttlerod)
Summer Welch : Bass Guitar (Baroness)
Dave Witte : Drums (Municipal Waste, ex-Burnt by the Sun, ex-Discordance Axis, ex-Human Remains, ex-Redrum, ex-Exit-13)
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